Mrs. Laurie Wagner - 1st & 2nd Grade

Mrs. Laurie Wagner

1st & 2nd Grade


Available to Students:

Before School - 7:15 AM

After School - Until 3:30 PM

Teaching Background

Currently teaches 1st and 2nd grade

Began teaching in the Fall of 1984 with

St Mary-St Patrick's School, Reedsville (now HFCS)

Education Background

1975 - Graduated from St. Mary's School - Reedsville, WI

1979 - Graduated from Reedsville High School - Reedsville, WI

Associate Degree - UW- Manitowoc Center

Bachelor of Science Degree - Silver Lake College

Personal Background

Husband - Glen

Enjoys walking and vacationing up-north

"Since I have no children of my own, the students are my children. Boy, I sure do have quite a number of children. I've lost count after 28 years."

What do I value about teaching in a Catholic school?

I truly believe that teaching in a Catholic school is my vocation. I’ve been called to share in Jesus’ mission to reach out to others and spread the Good News. I’m passionate about supporting the mission of HFS and the teaching profession. As a Catholic school teacher, I play a big role in helping provide for my students Christian values and I want to make a difference in a child’s life. My goal is that my students grow up to be loving and compassionate people.

Why do I believe a Catholic education is important?

As Catholics we believe in Jesus Christ and have a feeling of grace that comes from our beliefs. I believe a Catholic education prepares not only the mind but also the soul. It’s rich in academics and rooted in faith. Children in a Catholic school participate in the traditions of our faith. A Catholic school is committed to each individual student. Each student is encouraged to achieve his/her maximum potential in a Catholic setting.

What do I most love about HFCS?

At Holy Family School students are treated with respect by faculty, staff, and other students. Holy Family School also provides a positive work environment for the faculty and staff. It’s more than just a school; it’s a deeply invested community of faith and warmth. We are proud of what the students do and love them for who they are. Because of smaller class sizes, I set individual goals and can provide attention to each student. Prayer is an important facet of our school. I love the Catholic faith and its traditions that we are instilling in our students through the various forms of prayer.