Mrs. Jessica Moss - Middle School

Mrs. Jessica Moss

Middle School


Teaching Background

I have spent one year as a second grade teacher in Minnesota. This is my first year teaching at Holy Family Catholic School.

Education Background

I graduated from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a Master’s of Elementary Education in 2016.

Personal Background

I love animals; I live with three dogs and one very large cat. I have lived most of my life in Manitowoc, WI but spent a year living near Rochester, MN. I enjoy trying new things, baking, reading and being outdoors.

What do I value about teaching in a Catholic school?

I value the students and families who work hard to lead others in the example of God’s love and mercy in all they do. It is wonderful to be a part of this experience.

Why do I believe a Catholic education is important?

I believe that a Catholic education gives students a deeper understanding of God and his message. This allows students to use these teachings in their daily life and grow closer to God.

What do I most love about HFCS?

I love working with a dedicated and caring staff who help our students strive for academic and personal success.