Mrs. Claire Wallander - 4K/ Kindergarten

Mrs. Claire Wallander



Teaching Background

Currently teaches Kindergarten

Began teaching at HFCS in 2013, previously subbed full-time

Education Background

2008 Graduate of Appleton East High School

Bachelor of Science Degree from UW-Stout

Personal Background

I have been married to my husband Sam for 6 years :)

We have 2 sons named Will and Wyatt.

I enjoy being in the outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

What do I value about teaching in a Catholic school?

Teaching in a Catholic school has really strengthened my faith. I love working with my students and their families to instill our faith into their knowledge of the different academic areas as well as their everyday lives. It is such a blessing knowing that I am helping each of my students become stronger in their faith and knowledge.

Why do I believe a Catholic education is important?

Catholic education is important because it is such a great way to really give meaning to the world around us. I believe keeping God in our daily lives is very important and through faith-based learning I can do that with my students. In my classroom I can really see that each of these young children have God in their daily lives and are instilled with a love for Christ. The children are so passionate to share what they know and have learned about God.

What do I most love about HFCS?

I love the way our school is such a close-knit family. Everyone is so welcoming and open. The smaller classroom size really allows for the students to have their individual needs met and for me to really get to know my students and their families!