Mr. Scott Smith - Principal & Gym Teacher

Mr. Scott Smith

Principal & GymTeacher


Teaching Background

Currently is the HFCS Principal

19 years of teaching experience at HFCS and 19 total years in Education

Education Background

Bachelor of Arts Degree in History

Master of Science Degree in Environmental Science - UW-Green Bay

Teaching License - Silver Lake College

Personal Background

Married to wife Jennifer for 24 years

2 children - Maddie (20) and Payton (18)

Coaches soccer

What I love about teaching at Holy Family

Being able to impact kids lives, talk about our faith in a social studies and science class, and building relationships with not just the kids but entire families.

Fun activities I have done at Holy Family

I am usually the male chaperone when the students go to camp. I have gone to camp around 14 times. The kids love it. It is a great bonding experience for the kids. And it's awesome to see how the kids help each in the variety of classes offered.