School History

Early in their histories, these neighboring parishes - Brillion, Maple Grove, and Reedsville - began a strong commitment to Catholic education which continues today. In 1885, the old church in Maple Grove was converted into St. Patrick School. There were 100 students when the first classes began in the fall of 1886. A new St. Patrick School was built in 1913.

St. Mary School in Reedsville began in 1886, and a larger school was built in 1895. The present school was built in 1951.

The first Catholic school in Brillion was built in 1889, and when the 1899 church was built, the old church was converted into school rooms for older students. A new school was built in 1922, with a major expansion in 1961.

St. Patrick School closed in 1981 when students began attending the Catholic school in Reedsville. In 1985 the school was named St. Mary-St. Patrick Catholic School.

We developed the two campuses in 2002, with Preschool through 3rd in Reedsville and 4th through 8th in Brillion. Each campus had a chapel for weekday masses, and each chapel had items in memory of the former churches.

In 2006, Kindergarten through 3rd grade joined 4th through 8th grade in Brillion while Preschool remained in Reedsville. In the 2007-2008 school-year, the Preschool classes were moved to the Brillion campus for better integration of the HFCS experience. In the 2008-2009 school year, our 4 year old preschool became a 4K program.

Holy Family Catholic School and Religious Education continue to serve parish children today at both the Brillion and Reedsville locations.