Mrs. Kim Madison
3/4k & 6th Grade

Teaching Background

Currently teaches 3k/4k & 6th Grade
Began teaching in 1989
Began teaching with HFCS in 2006

Education Background

B.A.S. in elementary education with an early childhood minor from University of Minnesota 

Personal Background

4 children (3 in college, 1 in high school)
I am eager to help children learn and grow in all areas of their lives.
What do I value about teaching in a Catholic school?

I love being able to keep God in all aspects of our day. All we do and are relates to God, and it is important to keep Him first in our lives at all times

Why do I believe a Catholic education is important?

I believe that a Catholic education is important, as in our busy, sometimes crazy world, we need to focus on what God wants for us throughout our day.

What do I most love about HFCS?

I love the families that go to Holy Family, as it feels as if we are one big family. I enjoy our smaller classes so that I can get to know each student better. I feel blessed to work with a wonderful staff that truly cares about the kids and each other.