Mrs. Janessa Dallmann
4th Grade/5th Grade

Classroom Website:

Teaching Background

Began teaching at HFCS in 2013
Taught in public school as an educational aide from 2011-2013, working primarily with students having learning disabilities.

Education Background

Graduated from UW-Platteville in 2010 with a degree in Social Science Education

Personal Background

Married since 2011, 3 children
Enjoys spending time outside gardening and running
Likes spending time with family
What do I value about teaching in a Catholic school?

The family and parent support of their student in the classroom is tremendous. Students work hard to be examples for others and lead as followers of Jesus.

Why do I believe a Catholic education is important?

Faith is the foundation of honest, respectful, and successful adults that we strive for our students to become. 

What do I most love about HFCS?

I love the involvement of the families within the school, the small class sizes, the family support, and the helpful and hardworking faculty that I work with.