Proposed Tuition for the 2017-2018 school year ( Subject to change)
  • 3K tuition for 2 half-days a week is $650
  • 4K tuition for five half-days a week is $850
  • Kindergarten through 8th grade tuition:
    • First Child - $1,600
    • Second Child - $1,600
    • Third Child - $1,500
    • Fourth + Child - Donation

Fundraising Commitment

Each Family at Holy Family School will be responsible for making a profit of $300 in SCRIP.  If a family chooses to buy out of the SCRIP program requirements at the beginning of the school year, they can do so for $300.

Each family must attend, contribute or volunteer for the Fall Festival and Fish Fry.

The SCRIP committee will keep track of each family's SCRIP fundraising totals and advise each family of their status periodically throughout the school year.  Any portion of the commitment not earned must be paid before June 16, 2018.

Contact Information:
Holy Family Catholic School
209 North Custer St
Brillion, WI  54110