3K/4K Program

We invite you to our 3K-5K OPEN HOUSE 

**Learn about our FREE 3K and 4K program for the 2020-2021 school year and the available after-care program.**

3K- Free AM Session
Days: M/W or T/TH
Days: M/W or T/TH
** NOTE: 3K numbers will be capped so register early!**

4K- Free AM Session
Days: Monday - Friday
Days: Monday- Friday

Our 3K/4K Program centers its learning on activities that encourage spiritual, cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth. We utilize an age-appropriate,
play-based exploration model while still providing high quality education and learning experiences that encourage your child to learn at his or her own rate.

Throughout the year students work on the letters of the
alphabet; they are introduced to letter sounds, engage in
letter craft activities, and pre-writing skills.

4K students receive weekly Spanish lessons.
Students explore concepts that are interesting to them!
They are encouraged to ask questions and learn about
the world around them.

Students learn a variety of Bible stories from both the New
and Old Testament. They explore how they are children
of God. Students in the 4K program attend a weekly Mass.

Students practice learning about colors, shapes and
opposites; such as left/right, up/down.

Students learn school appropriate nursery rhymes and
songs in our music classes.

Students engage in developmentally appropriate activities
including writing, counting and reading numbers.

Students have monthly themes that reflect the seasons
and holidays. In 4K we also have weekly themes
focusing on the Letter-of-the-Week.

4K students participate in several field trips throughout the year
where they enjoy experiences such as visiting the pumpkin
patch, exploring the nature center, seeing a play and more!