Holy Family Catholic School 
Welcomes You!

Welcome to Holy Family Parish & School!  The community of Holy Family Parish supports a quality Catholic School grades 3k through eight. 

In 2001, after the four surrounding community parishes merged into one parish, known today as Holy Family Parish, the schools within those communities went through several changes. The Parish re-aligned the schools creating what is now known as Holy Family Catholic School, to continue to provide a quality Catholic Education. 

Holy Family Catholic School promotes a Christian learning environment focusing on assisting students to progress spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally in ways, which enhance self-image and provide opportunities for success. Our teacher student ratio averages eight students per teacher. This promotes a learning environment that allows teachers and students to develop a respect for learning and a desire to develop one's talents. Students participate in daily and weekly prayer services and Liturgies that are held in the school Chapels. 

The parishioners of Holy Family Parish have supported the Catholic School for over 100 years. The Catholic School is a commitment to parents in providing children the opportunity of learning about their faith in a quality day school setting. 

We invite you to come visit our school, see how our students celebrate their faith and academic learning, and to decide that Holy Family Catholic School is the school for your child. 

Blessings on Your Day!

Top Picture Students at Holy Family School took first place out of 21 teams participating in the Division 2 Xavier Math competition held on January 12th. Morgan Taddy and Derrick Eickert tied for second place in the individual round out of 84 students participating. 

Students pictured are: Morgan Taddy, Derrick Eickert, Caleb Delsman, and Mitchell Dietrich

Bottom Picture:  Students participated in the Just for Kids 2016 Christmas essay and art contest.  In the art contest our students took 1st(Teresa Fischer- 8th), 2nd (Lauren Winrich- 7th), and 3rd (Morgan Taddy-8th). In the essay contest Garrison Jacques( 1st grade) took 2nd.

Living Rosary